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Our Mission at Re:Align Pilates is to provide you with the highest level of instruction in a safe, caring and non-competitive atmosphere; to guide you in your ongoing pursuit for health and fitness; to support you in the rehabilitation and management of injuries and help facilitate correct movement practices for the rest of your life.

We offer Studio Pilates sessions:

Studio Pilates

studioStudio Pilates involves two private Pilates sessions with Deanna who will assess your mobility, flexibility, core stability and muscle imbalances then she will make up a programme designed especially for you and your body. You are then be able to come into the studio at a time of your choosing and be guided through your programme using the Pilates Equipment.

There is a maximum of 4 people to one instructor and if your body isn’t feeling great on any given day your programme can change and Deanna will alter it to help give your body what it needs. Deanna is specifically training in Women and Mens Pelvic Floor Disfunction, Scoliosis, Pre/Post Natal Pregnancy and Spino-Pelvic Pain Disorders.

Deanna has also done extensive training in Fascial Manipulation therapy.  Please head to for more information about this.

Deanna is also registered with COTA (Council for the Aged) She is running a Living Longer, Living Stronger class weekly which incorporates individual exercises specific to the person in a group setting.  Each class is 1 hr long and only available to people over 65yrs.  Please also see the Re:Align Pilates website for details.

Business name

Re:Align Pilates

Fees and charges


$170 – includes – 2 x 1hr private sessions.  Includes a full body assessment and homework mat exercises

$38 – per  group session if pay as you go

$350 – for a 10 session block

$85 – Private session

Practitioner details: