Prenatal yoga is an opportunity to really connect with your pregnancy and most of all, your baby!

Each class is specifically tailored to create a community between women, to explore and discuss fears around your childbirth and the transition into parenthood and celebrate your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga gives you the tools to prepare for an empowered birthing experience for you using specific yoga poses for labour, as well as massage and acupressure techniques.

Prenatal yoga poses are a safe and gentle way to build your strength and stamina before labour. Gentle stretches are taught to alleviate common issues in pregnancy such as sciatica, joint and back pain and insomnia. Relaxation is also incorporated to allow your body and mind to rest using meditation and visualization. These relaxation techniques help prepare the body and mind for a more positive birthing experience.

Come along to one of her classes Wednesdays 7-8:30pm– and try for yourself! (commencing 19th July)

“After my first 2 pregnancies and births I had a few unknown feelings that flooded back as I enrolled into a workshop held by Jenny. I walked away with a new found confidence in being able to birth what would be my last baby. Jenny always took her time to listen to all our concerns of birth, how our needs can be met and our fears can be turned into power. I took away from that workshop new strategies to overcome pain, discomfort and fear and having my partner feel more apart of our experience together. I can now say the things I took away from this workshop helped my third birth feel amazing. I wish I had this workshop before my first two. Jenna “

Jenny looks forward to educating and supporting you throughout your journey to motherhood.

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