Kinesiology is a natural therapy.

Kinesiology combines Western practice with Eastern traditions to untap your own healing potential within your body, promoting physical,emotional,mental and spiritual well being.

At Zest For Life Kinesiology, we use gentle muscle testing to determine where your body is holding stress, imbalance and pain. Then, in a nurturing environment, we assist your body to make the necessary shifts to facilitate the awareness and flow of energy needed to bring yourself into balance.


Business name

Zest For Life Kinesiology

Fees and charges

The length of a Kinesiology session is between 60 to 90 minutes and the cost is $90, which includes any oils or essences needed for take home use.

Zest For Life Kinesiology also offers Aroma-Touch Massage, which uses 100% pure essential oils, and has many benefits including stress reduction, relaxation, and improving your immunity. The cost for Aroma-Touch Massage is $60.

“I’m feeling fantastic today. I slept so well last night and when I had a shower this morning the oils came back up, smelt so good! Certainly feeling the dark energy lifted from my mind, just feels clear up there. No fog! It’s beautiful!”   Clare, the morning following an Aroma-Touch Massage.

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