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Renae Hunt




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Background and training

Renae completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 1995, and spent many years working in hospital and community settings, prior to having her 3 beautiful girls. Her many years as a Registered Nurse enabled Renae to develop excellent rapport and communication skills, which are key to being a successful Kinesiologist.

Renae studied a Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice  (PKP) in  2018. She  felt compelled to bring the power of  Kinesiology to others as it has personally helped her to heal from the stress and trauma in her own life, more than any other modality.

Renae completed her Aroma-Touch Technique Certificate in 2019 and is excited to offer this to her clients as a stand alone technique or combined with Kinesiology.

Renae continues to attend regular Kinesiology workshops and courses, offering updated and successful techniques to her clients.





The length of a Kinesiology session is between 60 to 90 minutes at a cost of $90, which includes any oils or essences needed for take home use.

I also offer Aroma-Touch Massage, which uses 100% pure essential oils, and has many benefits including relaxation, stress reduction and  improving your immunity. The cost for Aroma-Touch Massage is $60.

” I’m feeling fantastic today. I slept so well last night and when I had a shower this morning the oils came back up, smelt so good! Certainly feeling the dark energy lifted from my mind, just feels clear up there. No fog! It’s beautiful!”  Clare, the morning after an Aroma-Touch Massage.


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